Mixing Checklist:
10 Steps For Fixing A Bad Mix

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Mixing can be one of the toughest aspects to learn when you’re starting out in music production.

We’ve all been there, you create a new track that you really like, but something about it just doesn’t sound quite right.

And with so many different mixing techniques and methods out there, it can be difficult to figure out what works best for you.

So we teamed up with one of Cymatics’ lead producers to bring you this PDF, giving you some inside tips and tricks for achieving a quality mix.

Inside, we provided a simplified 5-step checklist to follow when you’re mixing your next record, to help you finish your tracks with a polished sound.

Because in reality, it's all about simplicity and key fundamentals to get your sound where you want it to be.

*These are universal production tips that can be applied to any DAW software.

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